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Letter from the President
In rural Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, kids in groups ages 5-8 and 9-12 who experienced family conflict because of divorce received free counseling sessions in the county’s school districts. The sessions were for one hour, one day a week, for eight consecutive weeks. The program is called “Rollercoasters” and it was funded by donations from Fellows of the Academy, like you.

Rollercoasters is just one of last year’s Foundation grant recipients. We reached out to fund seventeen others, spread all across the country, like-minded programs devoted to assisting families who struggle with the anguish that can accompany divorce.

This year, we’re thinking BIG. We have over 20 new grant applications currently under consideration. I am writing to ask you to help the Foundation again this year. By making your tax deductible donation to the Foundation, we can continue to fund these astounding programs.

Here’s what you can do right now:

·    Contribute the equivalent of one billable hour. Complete the attached form and return it with your contribution equal to your hourly rate to the AAML Foundation, c/o Kimberley Scott, 150 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1420, Chicago, IL 60601.

·    Donate an item to our silent auction at the Chicago meeting. We have members who have donated a variety of items from timeshares to art objects to fine wines and tickets to sporting events or the theater. Contact

·    Contribute any sum you choose, in memory of someone or honoring someone’s birthday or anniversary. These contributions will be recognized in the Newsletter and we will send a card to the family of the person so honored. Send this with your check made to the Foundation, care of Kimberley Scott.

Your generosity has brought us a great distance since we began over 20 years ago. Thank you in advance for your consideration and your anticipated continued generosity. We have enclosed for your convenience a pledge card for your billable hour contribution and a form for the silent auction.

We Care. We Give. We Help.

Very truly yours,

Arnold H. Rutkin
AAMLF Board President
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